the sEVENth annual

Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards 

Saturday, November 27th, 2021

The Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards (SIFA) are designed to showcase and celebrate films made by Saskatchewan independent filmmakers. The eighth annual event will take place on Saturday, November 27th, 2021. 
We are hoping to present the SIFAs an in-person event if health conditions permit; if they do not, the SIFAs will be held online as they were in 2020. 

SIFA is presented by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, a non-profit, artist-run centre supporting and assisting independent, visionary, film production in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative members* should contact the Filmpool for a free submission waiver code before submitting their film:

Paved Arts members should contact Paved or email for their free submission waiver code before submitting their film.

*For more information about Filmpool membership, please check out



The province of Saskatchewan has a rich history in the production of independent film and video production, and the SIFA is an important event to further demonstrate to not only the filmmaking community, but to the entire province of Saskatchewan, of our ‘home-grown’ artistic talents and story telling abilities.


Saskatchewan is a growing province - growing in population diversity and cultural opportunity. We have always had a unique sense of provincial pride and perspective of ourselves and of the world around us. It is important we take every possible advantage in promoting our own artistic and creative talents. By so doing, this will not only reinforce our own cultural identity - in all its diversity and vibrancy, but also, it will foster new and ongoing opportunities of creativity, growth and economic success.


The annual presentation of SIFA is intended to support these objectives. It will bring Saskatchewan’s artistic and business communities together in an attempt to build a new and exciting future in Saskatchewan. The Filmpool believes it is imperative that we celebrate and showcase our own filmmakers – in order to help create new ideas, new heroes and new opportunities.

SIFA is an annual event to support, showcase and celebrate Saskatchewan’s dynamic filmmaking community