Nominated For:

Best Web Series

Adventures in Painting chronicles landscape painters travel Canada and the world to capture nature on their canvases. The discover interesting facts and history in the areas they visit.

The Filmmaker

Greg Hargarten is a Saskatoon based painter, musician, graphic artist, and filmmaker. His self-taught, multi-faceted artistic career spans four decades. Hargarten is relatively new to filmmaking. He began by making music videos and editing live performance films for himself and musical friends. In 2012 his video for his own song, “Dear Abbey Road”, won Best Small Scale Film Production at the Reel Rave Film Festival at the Mann Gallery. By 2013 his painting career and film-making had collided. He filmed, edited, and narrated “Halfway To Heaven,” a 30 minute documentary of the Men Who Paint’s expedition to the Yukon, which aired on Shaw Television. This led to the “Adventures in Painting” web series in 2017. The series highlights Hargarten’s artistic journey and the expeditions of the Men Who Paint as they explore various remote regions. There are currently almost sixty episodes of “Adventures in Painting,” with more added monthly.