best short film nominees
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by faith, denis

Denis is a Knight of Faith (at least in his mind). One night during a Bible study, the topic of sexual morality is broached, resulting in an uncomfortable confrontation.

The Filmmaker

Jeremy Ratzlaff is a self-taught filmmaker from Saskatchewan, Canada, who started his career as a teenager driven by the desire to collaborate with other artists and tell stories. In 2015 he became a reoccurring video producer for CBC Arts, giving him the opportunity to work directly with artists like Zachari Logan and Atom Egoyan. He is somehow managing to stay inspired in the rural Prairies.


far from me

When suffering from car troubles on an important trip, an act of kindness from a family helps an overburdened mother realize her true priorities in life.

The Filmmaker

Levi Mierau is a Director, Creative Producer and founder of Myriad Entertainment. Levi gained a passion for film and art design at a young age and graduated top of his class in 2014 from the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon. With seven years working as a Director, Producer and Production Designer on short films, web-series and feature films in Saskatchewan, he prides himself on his ability to persevere and exceed expectations at every opportunity. His experience in a myriad of departments allows him to oversee projects with an understanding that comes from multiple departments.


hard reset

When a global crisis threatens the world an experimental AI tool is deployed in order to predict patient's susceptibility rates in hopes of stopping the virus from spreading further.

The Filmmaker

Scott Johnson is a Canadian video artist and filmmaker from Regina,Saskatchewan. He graduated from the University of Regina with a BFA in filmand video production, with a concentration on time-based media. His video workhas been exhibited in a number of venues, including micro cinemas and local filmfestivals such as the Regina International Film Festival and Awards (RIFFA) andthe Yorkton Film Festival (YFF), to name a few. His work has been showninternationally, notably at the Vegas Movie Awards (VMA), Atlanta Film Festival,Das Filmfest, and Antimatter [Media Art]. He now serves on the board ofdirectors and as the production committee chairman for the SaskachewanFilmpool cooperative.


torch narrows

On a night fishing excursion on the Saskatchewan River, two friends revisit a wound they cannot heal.

The Filmmaker

Simon Garez is a Saskatoon-based director and actor who works in French and English. Raised in Nipawin, Simon holds a BFA in theatre performance from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in acting from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He recently completed his directorial debut Torch Narrows and his second film Gentle Hum of Spring is in post-production. Alongside his directing and performance practice, Simon works with bees and honey production.


Via Karelia

Tracing back a lost identity hidden in the forests of this abandoned war zone. Standing on a sandy beach, looking in the direction where the old lighthouse once stood, reminding the people of this village where home is, every 15 seconds. How does trauma get carried on from a generation to another, and is there a way to stop the cycle? The filmmaker tries to understand how to heal from the past pressures by searching for their grandmother's childhood home. Taking the journey with their parents, they find themselves in a village located in the old Karelia, now a part of Russia.

The Filmmaker

Elian Mikkola has been making films and moving image art since 2016. Their work has been showcased in several film festivals in Canada and internationally. Their debut film SAARI (2016) was selected to TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival student program in 2017. Mikkola received the Creative Vision Award as a part of the AE Film Festival in 2016. Their latest film Magdaleena premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2020.

Originally from Turku, Finland, Mikkola holds a BA in Journalism from Tampere University. They completed their MFA in Media Production in 2019 at the University of Regina. Mikkola’s work explores themes such as memory, spacial dependences and queer belonging.
Mikkola is a part of La Lumière Collective based in Montréal and a current board member of the Queer City Cinema.