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thursday november 25th, 7pm

best student film nominees
sponsored by the film department at the university of regina 

The Nominated Films will be available for screening online Thursday November 25th at 7pm. The films will only be available for viewing for 24 hours.

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Look for me

"Look For Me" (2021) is a multi-format short film capturing the internal struggles that an Indigenous woman must face on a day to day basis and how those struggles affect her sense of self worth. My goal was not to feed into stereotypes or generalize, but to focus on the emotional and psychological effects of race-based mistreatment, while also stepping into the territory of the lack of concern and resources from government and authority when it comes to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. The main character has no name, because she embodies so many young Indigenous people that fear for their safety.

The Filmmaker

Adrienne Kaye is a 3rd Year Film Production (BFA) student at the University of Regina. As an Indigenous filmmaker, she aims to bring awareness to the many issues that Indigenous peoples face. Ethical Indigenous representation means the world to her. She enjoys film photography and crochet in her free time.



Shot with a two-person crew and the intention to break down stereotypes, "Needle-Working" follows the linear journey of a tattoo process while participants share their views on the community, stigmas, and sentimentality that come with tattoos.

The Filmmaker

Jillian Bader is a fourth-year film production student at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. After graduation, she plans to enter into the world of Cinematography and Animation. Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan (on a farm outside of Englefeld and Watson to be exact) she always had big dreams. Jillian has loved art and photography for as long as she can remember and has always known she would end up in the creative field. In the future, she hopes to use her visual skills as a way to help those around her and create a world of possibility for her viewers. With Needle-Working -- which focuses on acceptance and community support -- as her first documentary-style production, she feels she has already started to create change with her work early on into her career.


Night Terrors

After reading many horror stories online, a university student finds themselves unable to sleep without having night terrors.

The Filmmaker

Bella Rosa Zubot Petrovitch
is a Filmmaker and photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada. She is currently studying Film Production at the University of Regina.


the little house

With focus on an old family house, this intimate piece brings attention to the liminal space one experiences after the loss of a close friend.

The Filmmaker

Raised in Neudorf, Saskatchewan. Hayden Schutz has taken an interest in various forms of filmmaking since a very early age. Finding a way to work his love of the craft into any opportunity he can, often times that being transforming school projects into films.

Now in his final year of post-secondary at the University of Regina. He's zeroed in on the role of director. A handful of impressive low-budget short films under his belt and a quickly growing photography portfolio, the early stages of his career seem to point in all the right directions.