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Rules & Terms

You do not need to be a Filmpool member to submit to the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards. Any Saskatchewan resident can submit for the $15 CAD submission fee. Filmpool Members submit for free, they will be provided a waiver code. If you believe a membership may be valuable to you and would like free submission, please contact or call (306) 757-8818 to sign up for a Basic or Full membership and get your submission waiver code.

Filmmakers experiencing financial constraints can request a waiver for a reduction of the submission fee; the decision will be made by the SIFA Committee. 


All submissions must include: 
- a short synopsis 
- a still image from the film 
- a short bio of the filmmaker 
- a screening quality video file or downloadable link 
- a trailer (30 seconds - 2 minutes)
- due to limitations of the FilmFreeway platform, web-series submissions can only submit a single episode. Links to 2 additional episodes must be provided, in order for the jury to properly assess the project.
-submissions in the Music Video category must be able to provide proof that the director retains creative control of the music video, and that the musician(s) involved have permitted the project to be submitted.
By submitting, the filmmaker warrants that they are the rightful owner of the submission (or have the permission of the copyright owner) and do not violate or infringe on any trademark, trade name, copyright, literary, dramatic, musical, artistic or other intellectual property or personal rights.


•The Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards are only open to Saskatchewan residents living in the province for one year or longer, and Saskatchewan Filmpool members living outside of the province who have held membership for at least one year. 
• Jury preference will be given to independent productions that reflect the Filmpool's mandate. 
• The term “Independent” is defined as a project in which the filmmaker retains 100% creative control. 
• Projects in all genres are eligible (i.e. documentary, dramatic, experimental, animation, etc.).
• Projects must have been completed in the past two years and not have been submitted to any previous SIFA. 
• Long-form projects are not eligible for the Audience Choice award. 
• No refunds will be given for submitted projects that do not meet eligibility requirements.


Nominated films will be selected by the Jury. 

By submitting your film, you are agreeing to allow the Filmpool and its affiliates to screen your film (in-person, and/or online) as part of the SIFA event, as well as use footage and stills in promotional material for the Filmpool and SIFA screening.

All submitted films may also be considered for future Filmpool screenings.

All SIFA awards will be given at the discretion of the SIFA Committee based on submissions received.

Awards & Prizes

Best Short 

To qualify for this category, projects must not exceed 50 minutes. A web-series with a total running time of under 50 minutes is eligible in this category. The winner of this award will receive a $250 cash prize, their name placed on the Best Short Film SIFA trophy, and an individual trophy.

Best Long-Form 

To qualify for this category, a film or web-series must be over 50 minutes. The winner of this award will receive a $250 cash prize, and a trophy

Best Music Video 

To qualify for this category, the director must retain creative control. Submissions must include proof that the musician(s) have permitted the submission of the music video, and that the director had creative control over the music video.  The winner of this award will receive a $250 cash prize, and a trophy.

Best Performance

This award is given to an outstanding performance by on-screen talent in a submitted film. The winner of this award will receive a $100 cash prize, and a trophy.

Best Technical Achievement 

This award recognises achievement in the technical aspects of a nominated film, including cinematography, sound design, editing, and post-production. The winner of this award will receive a $100 cash prize, and a trophy.

Audience Choice 

The recipient of this award is chosen by the audience on November 27th, and will receive a $100 cash prize, and a trophy.

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