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2022 nominated films  online for 36 hours

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2020 sifa nominees

Best Short Film Nominees

aen loo pawatamihk by Dianne Ouellette
The Antler by Jeffrey Altwasser & Jeremy Davis

Eden Paige - Save Me by Dylan Hryciuk

Eidolon by Mike Rollo 

The Millionaire's Burger by Rob White

My Masterpiece by Gavin Baird

On Edge by Marzia Kamyabi

Best Student Film Nominees:

Sensory by Calic Tolentino

T R I B A L by DJ Carnegie 

Best Feature Film Nominees:

The Caring Only Cry at Night by Gavin Baird

Nolan: Here Nor There by Wilfred Dieter & dustan j. hlady

Best Web Series Nominees:

Adventures in Painting by Greg Hargarten

Porous by Amber Goodwyn (Natural Sympathies)

Best Performance Nominees:

Charlee Bigknife - Nolan: Here Nor There

Ada Perez Hidalgo - The Caring Only Cry at Night

Chengis Javeri - The Caring Only Cry at Night

Braden Jon King - Nolan: Here Nor There

Bongani Musa - The Caring Only Cry at Night


Technical Achievement Nominees:

aen loo pawatamihk - Cinematography

aen loo pawatamihk - Sound Design

The Caring Only Cry at Night - Cinematography

Eidolon - Editing

My Masterpiece - Production Design

Porous - Production Design

2019 sifa nominees

Best Short Film Nominees

ahkâmêyimo nitânis (Keep Going My Daughter) - Candy Fox

The Diggers - George Hupka

Magdaleena - Elian Mikkola

Unfold - John Graham

Best Student Film Nominees:

A Man Replaced - Joel Tabak

Follow Leader - Scott Johnson

My World Is No Longer The World I Knew - Weiye Su

Prairie Dreams - DJ Carnegie

To Call My Own - Morgan Jones

Best Feature Film Nominees:

Audacity - Jeremy Cole Bastian

Begonia - Gavin Baird

Run Wolf, Run - Carli Robertson

Best Web Series Nominees:

Pieces: Camp - Sophie Kokott

Rock Bottom - Rick Anthony

Best Acting Nominees:

Sage Dent - Begonia

Kylie Jade - Slight

Aksa Korttila - Magdaleena

Trillian Reynoldson - Begonia

Andrew Valdez - Pagliacci


Technical Achievement Nominees:

Gavin Baird, Cinematography - Begonia

Dylan Crosby & Kyler Wilton, Editing - Good Morning

Morgan Jones, Creative Use of Imaging - To Call My Own

Elian Mikkola, Sound Design - Magdaleena

Ava Wild, Score - The Acreage & The Ambush

2018 sifa nominees

Best Short Film Nominees

A Focused Portrait of Hartley Smith - Kolby Kostyniuk

Greg Allen’s Supernatural Sasquatch - Jeremy Ratzlaff

Being - John Graham

The Lost Art of Inertia - Gerald Saul

Four in a Blanket - Gavin Baird

Farewell Transmission - Mike Rollo

Bad Poetry: Megan Nash - Aaron Sinclair

Best Student Film Nominees:

Beta Test - Joel Makar and Kenton Evenson

Sir Bailey - Matt Ripplinger

Moonshine Acres - Joel Kereluke

Der Jude - Spencer Zimmerman

Best Feature Film Nominees:

The Big Gust! - Gavin BairdSuperGrid - Hugh Patterson and Lowell DeanBook of Trespasses - Jared Berry, Gareth Nicol and Larry ParsonsThe Matter of Ronnie Goldblatt - Ian GoldbergThe Tipping Point - Jacob Stebner

Best Acting Nominees:

Matthew Burgess - Book of Trespasses
Trillian Reynoldson - The Big Gust!
Josh Strait - Beta Test
Mooky Cornish - 5 O'Clock
Andrew Valdez - Merry What?
Leo Fafard - SuperGrid


Technical Achievement Nominees:

Michael Jari Davidson, Cinematography - SuperGrid

Matt Ripplinger, Film Manipulation - Sir Bailey

Chencheng Pu, Visual Effects - Beta Test

Andrea-Jane Cornell, Sound Design - Farewell Transmission

Gavin Baird, Production Design - Four in a Blanket

Gerald Saul, Editing - The Lost Art of Inertia

Tiess McKenzie, Musical Score - A Focused Portrait of Hartley Smith

2017 sifa nominees

Best Short Film Nominees:

Gas Can - Mattias Graham

The Flats - Ian Campbell

From Up North - Trudy Stewart

Eyes of Sorrow Moon - Gerald Saul

Under the Same Sky - Sylvia Ziemann

Best Student Film Nominees:

A Moment Gone By - Timothy Merasty

Doktor Ripp - Matthew Ripplinger

Separate Beds - Layton Burton

Home Sewn - Morgan Jones

Evelyn & I - Weiye Su

Best Feature Film Nominees:

Talent - Lucas Frison

Josi Victoria: A Complicated Masquerade - Ken Dalgarno

Rigger - Dianne Ouellette

Best Acting Nominees:

Natalie Lazarou - Talent

Mark Claxton - Doktor Ripp

Anna Mazurik - The Tinwife

Logan Vanghel - Heistery

Shawn Koch - Heistery


Technical Achievement Nominees:

Layton Burton, Cinematography - Talent

Joel Tabak, Cinematography - Doktor Ripp

Devin McAdam, Cinematography - The Tinwife

Travis Neufeld, Production Design - The Tinwife

Kevin Drysdale, Editing - Separate Beds

Layton Burton, Production Design - Separate Beds

Ian Campbell, Production Design - The Flats

2016 sifa nominees

Best Short Film Nominees:

Please Rate Your Experience - Jeremy Ratzlaff

Trio - John Graham

Der Glockner - Chrystene Ells and Berny Hi

Ilsa the Far Seer - Ian Campbell

Lookout - Kyath Battie

Best Student Film Nominees:

It’s Good for You! - An An

Dreamers - Kolby Kostyniuk

SAARI - Ella Mikkola

Time Frame - Joel Kereluke

Best Feature Film Nominees:

The Sabbatical - Brian Stockton

VOUS ETES ICI - Mark Wihak

The Land of Rock and Gold - Daniel Redenbach and Janine Windolph

Patient 62 - Rick Anthony

Voice from the Wilderness - Jason Britski

Basic Human Needs - Matt Yim

Best Acting Nominees:

Laura Abramsen - Basic Human Needs

Charity Bradfield - The Land of Rock and Gold

James Whittingham - The Sabbatical

Ron Anderson - Dreamers

Abby Thiessen - Stigma

Best Technical Achievement:

Jason Cullimore, Score - Der Glockner

Ella Mikkola, Picture and Sound Editing - SAARI

Pulsewidth, Score - The Land of Rock and Gold

Berny Hi, Director of Photography - Please Rate Your Experience

SIFA 2015

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